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Frasco® Integrated Research is our consulting and investigative solutions division, serving the legal, business and financial communities. You can count on us to provide highly customized strategic consulting and investigative services that integrates our various practice areas to produce case specific solutions. As with all of our services, the goal is to provide information that helps you Decide Without Doubt.


Serving the Legal & Business Communities:

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Years Of Experience

Law firms and in-house counsels are expected to produce successful outcomes from highly complex scenarios. The need for timely, accurate and relevant information cannot be understated. The details matter and your litigation support partner can be the difference between winning and losing.

Businesses, financial institutions and investment groups are faced with decisions at every turn. Each decision carries risk. Decision making risk is reduced with information but not every investigator can find the information that you need.

Combining today’s technology with fundamental investigative techniques, our expert investigators provide the most comprehensive background and asset investigations possible. Corporations of every size face many challenges and risks. To assist with these concerns, we provides a wide array of corporate services.

Frasco is the partner that attorneys, businesses and financial institutions have selected for over fifty years to help them produce wins. Partners matter. Choose Frasco.

Surveillance Investigations

Our skilled investigators perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow subject movement to provide video recordings of the subject’s public activity.

Remote (ROC) Investigations

When the presence of an investigator would cause suspicion, remote cameras are optimal. An environmental assessment is performed before cameras are placed. This option is effective when the time and location are appropriate.

Investigative Interviews

On-site or online recorded interviews with subject, employer(s) & witness(es), to document details of environment, sequence of events and other relevant details related to the matter. Virtual option available.

Scene Investigations

Gather details regarding the location and surrounding area where the incident occurred. Understand potential causes or contributing factors. Determine if guidelines, policy, and proper use of equipment were adhered to.

Background Investigations

Basic desktop, foundational and custom searches; records may include County civil & criminal (10-yrs), addresses (10-years), judgment & liens, bankruptcy, business ownership, professional licenses, relatives, assets, driving records, vehicle registrations, property records, WC & sex offender.

Social Media Investigations

Our technology and trained experts mine relevant data across various channels; searches for relevant posts about incident and identify potential witnesses. Define geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

Geo-Media Investigations

Also known as Geo-Fencing; searches for relevant social media posts about incident and identify potential witnesses. Defined geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

SCORE Investigations

Social media and online search, property records, addresses, judgment and liens, bankruptcy, business ownership, professional licenses, relatives, county civil & criminal (10-years online).

Vehicle Sightings

License plate tracking as vehicle moves in public. Sightings obtained from traffic, street / highway cameras, as well as patrol vehicles. Results vary by location. Reports available for last 30, 60, 90 days.

Work Check

Establish employment history, includes address history, employment records, prior WC claims, civil records, social media search, professional licenses, business and corporation records.

Asset Search

Includes address history, real estate ownership, personal property ownership, civil judgments, liens, bankruptcy, vehicle, boat, aircraft, business ownership affiliations, and income indicators. Desktop only search available.

Locate Investigations

Utilizing a variety of sources to attempt to verify a subject’s most recent address. May include field work to gather information not available through database research and other means. Skip Trace also available.

Record Retrievals

Secure medical records, court documents and other agency records. Acquire physical evidence often used at trial, for documentation, and historical reference.

Service of Process

Procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party.

Jury Research

Using background and social media searches to gather information about prospective jurors regarding their potential to be fair-minded and impartial, and to apply the law as instructed.

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