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We offer a comprehensive suite of investigative services from turnkey programs to high-quality, cost-effective adaptive solutions. Our skilled investigators focus on providing reliable and actionable outcomes through operational efficiency, compliant procedures, and diligent service. Our past performances demonstrate our execution of timely implementations buttressed by flexibility and acumen to adjust as the project dictates.

Frasco is a prime contract holder on various Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), and General Service Administration Federal Supply Schedules (FSSs) and offers specialized services tailored to work within micro-purchases. We have many options available through which you can access our nationwide services.


Online Surveillance
Look forward to turnkey solutions with a national response and high-quality, cost-effective operational capabilities. We deliver solutions for administrative, Human Resources, and other management areas that give decision-makers reliable and actionable outcomes. We increase operating efficiencies, deploy compliant standard policies and procedures, and improve stakeholder service capabilities.

We utilize industry best practices and well-established workflows alongside our systems to ensure client data is secure. Frasco is a SOC 2 Type II certified organization utilizing independent auditors and penetration testing to ensure compliance with IT standards. The systems include Frasco’s fully integrated case management system, resource deployment, assignment, scheduling, and tracking application to store, display and transmit reports and other sensitive documentation in a secure manner.

Our team has a proven track record of executing timely implementations with the flexibility to adjust as project needs dictate. Our field staff travels as needed to perform services throughout the US.

Investigative services for government sectors:

Data Analytics


Administrative Investigations

Program Integrity

Record Reviews

FECA Claims

Product / Intellectual Property

Employment Investigations

We conduct surveillance and administrative investigations for misuse of assets and the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). Frasco has the knowledge, experience, and competency to provide objective documentation for Second Opinion Exams to help move cases administratively.

When we find evidence of fraud, we help agencies prepare a file for review at the Department of Labor (DOL) and thoroughly document the files to help federal investigators quickly assess the feasibility of their own fraud investigation. We have experience handling cases involving claimants who have obtained other employment, opened their own businesses, or engaged in personal activities that violated restrictions. We have turned over these cases to DOL where Special Investigators could demonstrate the merits of undertaking a fraud investigation. Our reporting helps federal clients determine if the files meet the evidentiary and monetary threshold for Federal Investigators to allocate investigative resources.

When a claim does not meet the standard of fraud but shows signs of abuse or malingering, we document:

  • Inconsistent pain behavior
  • Activities outside of medical restrictions
  • Unreported hobbies that can help remove many claims from the rolls through return-to-work or retirement

We also provides program integrity roles for mortgage compliance that help originators, insurers, investors, and servicers mitigate risk. We conduct desktop reports and field visits to verify the eligibility of program participants. Our field staff and reviewers quickly scale to meet coverage requirements of most government agencies.

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