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The investigation of insurance claims has been a core service offering since the beginning. Frasco is one of the largest and most well-respected investigation companies in the US. We provide a full spectrum of insurance claims investigations, have earned an exceptional reputation within the industry, and have built an extensive client base over more than five decades. We credit our success to consistently providing responsive customer service, thorough investigations, and high quality results in a timely and cost effective manner.


Our Full Suite of Research Services

Research Investigations

Background – Basic

A quick and limited person-research database report that includes analysis, summary, and recommendations for additional research based on findings.

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Background – Foundational

County civil & criminal (10-years), addresses (10-years), judgment & liens, bankruptcy, business ownership, professional licenses, relatives, assets, driving records, vehicle registrations, property records, Workers’ Compensation & sex offender.

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Background – Custom

Completely customized for a focused and more extensive investigation in time and scope; securing of records.

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Background – Business

Customized research useful for go/no-go decision, conflicts of interest, allegation vetting, negotiation leverage, competitor research, intellectual property disputes, and other decision making requirements.

SCORE Investigation

Social media and online search, property records, addresses, judgment and liens, bankruptcy, business ownership, professional licenses, relatives, county civil & criminal (10-years online).

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Social Media

Our technology and trained experts mine relevant data across various channels; searches for relevant posts about incident and identify potential witnesses. Define geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

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Social Media Monitoring

Standard package with monthly social media tracking. Recurring searches for subject’s social media profiles and postings after initial Social Media Investigation.

Social Media – Geo

Also known as Geo-Media or Geo-Fencing; searches for relevant social media posts about incident and identify potential witnesses. Defined geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

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Medical Canvass

Determine if claimant has received treatment in a medical facility, may establish if subject has a prior history of injuries.

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Medical Canvass – Pharmacy

Obtain dates claimant received prescriptions, including address and telephone number for each prescribing pharmacy.

Vehicle Sighting

License plate tracking as vehicle moves in public. Sightings obtained from traffic, street / highway cameras, as well as patrol vehicles. Results vary by location. Reports available for last 30, 60, 90 days.

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Work Check

Establish employment history, includes address history, employment records, prior WC claims, civil records, social media search, professional licenses, business and corporation records.

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Asset Search

Includes address history, real estate ownership, personal property ownership, civil judgments, liens, bankruptcy, vehicle, boat, aircraft, business ownership affiliations, and income indicators. Desktop only search available.

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Utilizing a variety of sources to attempt to verify a subject’s most recent address. May include field work to gather information not available through database research and other means. Skip Trace also available.

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Record Retrieval

Secure medical records, court documents and other agency records. Acquire physical evidence often used at trial, for documentation, and historical reference.

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Process Service

Procedure by which a party to a lawsuit gives an appropriate notice of initial legal action to another party.

Asset Search - Desktop

Online search of assets / liabilities instantly available online going back 10 years.

Locate - Skip Trace

Database search to identify subject’s current address, wearabouts, known affiliates and more. 

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