SCORE Investigations

Need a win when it comes to information gathering for those questionable claims? You need SCORE!

This package combines a deep-dive social media investigation with limited desktop background research to provide you with a full scope and comprehensive summary of the subject’s online activities and readily available public records. Frasco’s technology and highly trained experts mine online networks and index databases to strategically synthesize data into actionable information that you can use.


Online Surveillance

Background Research Includes:

Property Records

Comprehensive Address History

Judgement & Liens


Business Ownership

Professional Licenses

Relatives Search

Online Search

County Civil (10-Yrs Online)

County Criminal (10-Yrs Online)

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The Value of Combining Social Media Investigations
with Background Research:

Obtain Subject Information from Multiple Credible Sources

Verify Results Ensuring 100% Reporting Accuracy

Provides Holistic View of Subject’s Lifestyle and Circumstances

Retrieve postings from networking sites including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and others

Reduce Surveillance Costs and Develop a Surveillance Strategy; Supplements Other Investigations

Identify Potential Witnesses

Identify Prior Activity and Future Anticipated Activity

Identify Information that Conflicts with Allegations

Secures Evidence and Summarizes Data-Rich Report with Next Steps

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