National District Residency Investigations

School district residency fraud occurs when individuals provide false information about a student’s address to gain educational benefits in a specific district. This practice violates district rules and regulations. To prevent fraud, school districts monitor residency, ensuring that legal residents – those who pay taxes within the district – receive their rightful benefits. Frasco offers discreet investigative services to identify potentially fraudulent residents and maintain compliance with residency rules.


Online Surveillance

Let Frasco craft an investigative strategy tailored to your school district’s residency rules.

The Benefits of Partnering with Frasco:


We specialize in verifying information, saving you time and effort.



Licensed investigators have access to databases to quickly identify fraud.



Removing fraudulent students saves districts significant funds.


Legal Compliance:

Investigators ensure adherence to district policies and regulations.


Protect educational equity by ensuring resources reach the students who truly reside in your district.

Maintain public trust by committing to responsible resource management and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How effective are investigations?

Investigations performed by licensed professionals estimate 50% of cases to be fraudulent, saving districts money.

Do the investigations comply with residency rules?

Investigations play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with enrollment policies and maintaining fairness.

District Residency Investigations:


Secure information and evidence supporting whether the subject resides in the district.

Database Reviews:
  • Property Records
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Driver’s License Registration
  • Voting Registration
  • Corporate Affiliations
  • Business Licenses
County Record Reviews:
  • Property Search
  • Mailing Address
  • Homeowner’s Exemptions
Verifications and Additional Reviews:
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Social Media Search
  • License Plate Reader Check


Corroborate and supplement evidence obtained during the Desktop Investigation.

  • Local Utility Company
  • Home Insurance Company
  • Neighbor Search

Discreetly following subject(s) to and from:

  • The residence provided to the district
  • Residence(s) obtained during desktop investigation
  • Places of employment
  • The school in question
Remote Surveillance:

A ROC (remote observational camera) is discreet and appear to be a fixture in the natural environment and it’s ideal when:

  • The presence of an investigator would cause suspicion
  • The subject has an established routine
  • The subject lives in a rural area

Questions on District Residency Investigations?