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APRIL 6, 2021 @ 1pm ET / 10am PT | C.E. WEBINAR:

Your Guide to Social Media Investigations


This course provides a thorough understanding of just how much information is created every day on social media. Upon completion of this course, attendees should be aware of what potentially relevant information might exist for any claim. Furthermore, this course aims to raise awareness of the many different avenues for how that information can be used to craft a reliable investigation plan and build the foundation for a high-quality evidence package sure to aid in the defense of a claim.


Learn About These Core Issues and How to Deal with Them:

  1. What Counsel on Both Sides Has to Say
  2. Social Media Investigation Best Practices
  3. Using Social Media Investigations in Claims
  4. Making Social Media Investigation Referrals

Attendees earn one (1) hour of training credit in the following states:

AR, CA (WC only), DE, FL, GA, IN, LA, MN, MS, NC, NH, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX

Registration closes on Apr. 5, 2021 @ 12pm ET / 9am PT.

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Workplace Investigations
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