Video Occupancy Verifications

Field reviews are considered the gold standard for occupancy verification, but they can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for mortgage compliance teams. Video Occupancy Investigations offer a secure and efficient
alternative. By interviewing tenants or borrowers virtually, you can reduce costs, improve scheduling flexibility, and gain valuable visual cues alongside detailed responses. This allows for a more accurate and streamlined investigation while ensuring you have the whole story.


Online Surveillance

Straw Buyer Detection:

Did the borrower qualify for someone else or have they rented out the subject property? Video interaction helps expose inconsistencies between the borrower and the resident.

Occupancy Misrepresentation:

A virtual walkthrough allows us to see if the borrower has moved into the subject property or if the property is livable.

Vacant Property Check:

Observe the overall condition and look for signs of vacancy.

Primary Residence – Video Solution:

1. Schedule an interview with the borrower via phone (with client approval).

2. Record video interview with borrower.

3. Ask to see their driver’s license and verify identity.

4. Ask to see the inside and outside of the property and visually confirm address.

Interview with Red Flags:

Interview with Cooperation:

Questions on Video Occupancy Verifications?