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In today’s ever-changing economic climate, the insurance industry is under constant scrutiny. Customers are demanding escalating deliverables and stakeholders require a respectable bottom line. All this must be constantly balanced against a solid claims practice, legal compliance, and regulatory filings. Challenging? You bet it is.

Through this maze of operations, one element tends to remain extremely consistent: suspected fraud and/or abuse within the claims process. Reduce this fraud and abuse and you can meet the demands of both clients and stakeholders. Frasco® Investigative Services stands ready to assist you in your efforts by providing world class investigation and SIU services throughout the United States.


I. Compliance

  • Filing of all state fraud plans (as required)
  • Filing of all state fraud filings (as required)
  • Filing of all annual state fraud reports (as required)
  • All handling of state fraud prosecution filings
  • All state-mandated fraud training (as required)
  • Full compliance in any state throughout the U.S. with regard to SIU requirements

II. SIU Anti-Fraud Program Management

Frasco Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Anti-Fraud Program Management Services provide a comprehensive programmatic solution to your organization’s SIU anti-fraud regulatory requirements, including:

  • SIU Annual Reports
  • Suspected Fraudulent Claims (SFCs) Reports
  • Department of Insurance (DOI) Fraud Division and District Attorneys Referrals
  • Prosecutorial Development
  • Periodic Claim File Review for Fraud Indicators
  • SIU Anti-Fraud Training
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