Post-Investigation Interview MPVRs

Our team of investigators will review the actionable video evidence obtained and formulate specific questions to address, with the medical provider, with the aim of having the claimant’s impairment rating reassessed.
Online Surveillance

Frasco’s Post-Investigation MPVR (Medical Provider Video Review) helps further mitigate your claim:

Meet with medical provider to review and discuss footage

Allow medical provider to reassess claimant’s current rating based on footage

Potential for termination of monthly TTD / PD payment

Save valuable settlement dollars

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Get More Out of Your Initial Investigation.


Following a surveillance investigation that has obtained actionable
evidence that is contrary to the subject’s claim.


An in-person or virtual meeting with the injured worker’s medical provider, or the evaluator (QME / AME / IME) to review surveillance footage.


Determine if medical provider agrees that surveillance footage does or
does not contradict claimant’s limitations or restrictions.


Revised impairment rating could result in significant savings by way of
terminating or reducing TTD / PT payment.

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