International Investigations

Frasco offers investigation services at an international level from our corporate headquarters through our global network of experienced investigators, information sources and connections. Our clients use Frasco as their local source that helps with international matters.

Our network possesses a thorough understanding of standard practices. We have access to key security and risk management personnel, consultants, computer forensic experts, lawyers and surveillance teams around the world.

Frasco’s skilled management team and support personnel manage all cases through our unparalleled technology platform, giving you immediate access to your cases 24/7. We thoroughly research and investigate every aspect of each referral, resulting in comprehensive, factual reports delivered to our clients in a timely and professional manner.

Online Surveillance

Travel claim investigations & verifications:

Fraudulent travel insurance claims is seen as an opportunistic and low risk fraud. The majority of travel claims occur while travelers are visiting international destinations. Those travelers who submit fraudulent claims view the remote location and foreign language as a barrier to investigation.

Key Services:

Accident Investigations

Activities Check

Alive and Well Checks

Auto Liability Investigations

Background Investigations

Bodily Injury Claims

Cargo and Marine Claims

Death Verification Claims

Disability Claims

Liability Claims


Pre-Employment Checks

Statements & Interviews


Travel Claims

Workers’ Compensation Claims

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