Asset Searches: How Personal Property Records Uncover a Heap of Evidence

May 16, 2023

May 16, 2023 | Written by Frasco, Inc.

What is an Asset Search and when to request one?

An Asset Search will locate public records that confirm personal property or real estate held by a person or corporate entity. Searches may reveal potential liabilities tied to the subject of the investigation  and uncover exactly what sorts of collectible assets a subject has and how secure these assets are. Only an Asset Search conducted by a qualified investigator can find out whether a subject is using a fictitious name, committing fraud, hiding assets, or has multiple judgments. This is a plentiful resource when searched for correctly.

Database searches includes:

  • Comprehensive Address History
  • Real Estate Ownership
  • Personal Property Ownership
  • Civil Judgments / Liens / Bankruptcy
  • Vehicle / Boat / Aircraft Registration
  • Business Ownership Affiliations
  • Income Indicators
  • Social Media / Newspapers / Periodicals
  • Financial and credit records are only available with a release from the subject

You might consider requesting an Asset Search for any of the following reasons:

  • A Business Investment Opportunity – Do you need to know what this potential partner owns?
  • A Legal Suit – Will knowing what assets a Defendant has help your case or help to determine if the defendant has assets available in the event of a civil judgement?
  • Bodily injury claim – Is subrogation worth pursuing if a third party is at fault?
  • A Fraudulent Insurance Claim – Do you need to know how many residences and vehicles a claimant owns, identify the legal owner of property involved in a claim or establish the dates of ownership?

Frasco’s investigators have access to hundreds of public and private sources of information. We perform all investigations with in-house investigators and conduct detailed analysis of information obtained. Investigators receive continuous training on information verification, research methods, and software. You will receive case-specific strategies, comprehensive reporting, and next step recommendations.

Fulfill a specific objective through Asset Searches by consulting with our experts. For more information, contact or call 1-877-372-3761.

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