Administrative Investigations

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Online Surveillance

FECA Investigations:

Reduce Chargebacks:

Achieve this by transferring malingering and abusive claims away from periodic rolls.

Surveillance + Audits:

Employ techniques such as social media audits, record retrieval, work checks, and ROC (remote observational camera) placements to create an objective activity profile of the subject.

Ineligible Benefit Recipients:

When identified, prepare comprehensive reports for the Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation fraud assessment.

Video Evidence:

Provide medical providers with an objective view of the subject’s capabilities, aiding in determining appropriate restrictions or issuing a full return to work capacity.

Absenteeism + Misconduct Investigations

Substantiate + Document Noncompliance:

This step is crucial for taking remedial actions.

Impact of Bad Actors:

Unchecked bad actors can adversely affect agency productivity and morale.

Identifying Factors Contributing to Absenteeism:

Through surveillance, interviews, surveys, and data analysis, we can pinpoint stress, dissatisfaction, health issues, and personal conflicts as factors.

Recommendations for Improvement:

Provide suggestions on enhancing the work environment and employee well-being.

Monitoring + Reducing Future Occurrences:

Implement strategies to monitor and minimize absenteeism in the future.

Consultation + Reviews:

Assist in reviewing files for red flag criteria. Recommendations for an action plan with justifications of key steps explain usability of information.

EEOC Investigations

Impartial Evidence Gathering + Analysis:

Collect and analyze evidence from relevant parties involved in disputes or misconduct allegations related to harassment, hostility, discrimination, and retaliation.


Conduct interviews to establish the issue(s) and drive the progression of steps.

Addressing Deviations:

Take steps to address current deviations from process or policy.

Preventing Recurrence + Reducing Risk:

Implement measures to prevent future digressions. Aim to reduce harm.

Program Integrity Audits:

Assess compliance, accountability, and eligibility protection. Ensure involved parties meet participation requirements.

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