Workplace Investigations: Seeking Answers for Misconduct in the Workplace

May 3, 2023

May 3, 2023 | Written by Frasco, Inc.

What do you do if allegations of misconduct arise at work?

Common concerns may include:

  • Internal Theft –Do you have unexplained losses?
  • Drug Abuse – Is someone displaying concerning behavior?
  • Violence – Has someone assaulted or threatened to assault another person?
  • Harassment – Is someone being made to feel uncomfortable?
  • Discrimination – Is someone a protected class alleging different?
  • Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims – Does someone’s injury not align with their claim?
  • Other issues damaging to your company’s reputation – Is your company getting poor reviews?

Think about the consequences of not being able to control the situation – the impact on employees and morale, the time spent, resources used, financial losses, tarnished company culture, and the bad press associated with your brand name. A thorough investigation to collect the facts and gain an understanding of what has occurred is critical.

Consider acting fast, selecting the right investigators, maintaining confidentiality and credibility, and containing retaliation attempts. The solution is conducting a legal and discreet workplace investigation with a trusted neutral third-party fact finder like Frasco® Workplace Investigations.

Our experienced investigators will:

  1. Skillfully interview all involved parties
  2. Collect evidence
  3. Utilize online and social media research
  4. Run an assortment of background checks
  5. Conduct surveillance if needed

A holistic view of the involved parties, circumstances, and situation will help guide you in determining the appropriate outcomes for the responsible employee(s) and your organization. Our main objective is to gather as much information as possible to uncover the truth.

To get started, you must have received an official complaint from an employee, and if the incident warrants an internal investigation, contact a workplace investigations provider. A representative will work with you to obtain all the available known details and suggest potential avenues of investigation with a strategic plan and next steps. Frasco® Workplace Investigations performs all investigations with integrity and thoroughness that yield the results necessary for you to come to a just conclusion. Once our investigations are complete, the final report will have a detailed summary of the investigations performed including any corresponding media (photos, screenshots, records, video, and audio) that will be made accessible on our easy-to-use, secure online portal. The evidence provided will help support you in taking internal and/or legal action.

Please visit for more information or call 1-877-372-7261 for a free consultation.

Legal Disclaimer: The information and opinions expressed in this content are for educational purposes only and are based on current practice, industry related knowledge, and business expertise. The information provided shall not be construed as legal advice, express or implied. You are strongly encouraged to speak with an attorney regarding your specific legal or regulatory requirements and circumstances.

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