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Frasco® Investigative Services is positioned to serve as the outsourced Investigation Provider for your company and its affiliate companies. Frasco is a “single source solution” for professional investigations, including training, consulting, regulatory compliance and vendor management services.

Although Frasco prefers to handle all investigative needs via our expert employee investigators, we understand that many of your customers have existing relationships with investigative providers with whom they have experience. Therefore, we have created the Frasco Investigative Vendor Management Program to meet the demands of our clients.

The Program leverages our technology and expertise to provide your organization with numerous benefits, including:

  • Overall cost-savings, improved efficiency & reduced turnaround time
  • Standardized rates via a negotiated pricing agreement that will allow your company to satisfy the dynamic and diverse needs of a world-class insurance claims management organization
  • Single-source invoicing
  • Annual credentialing of all investigative vendors’ licensing and insurance
  • Best in class partner support, including dedicated case management personnel to ensure superior support and customer service
  • SIU compliance review of all investigations
  • Building a relationship with your company, founded on support of your company’s business objectives

Frasco Investigative Services has combined state-of-the-art technology with over four decades of investigations and business experience to bring you its Investigative Vendor Management Services. Designed by our experienced investigations, business and technology professionals, Frasco Online is the technology at the heart of Frasco’s Investigative Vendor Management Program.

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