Frasco, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Bonnamy & Associates Investigations

April 8, 2016
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Frasco® Investigative Services, a leader in the insurance investigation industry for over fifty years, announced the acquisition of Bonnamy & Associates, a well-known and respected private investigation firm based in Naperville, Illinois with a thirty-four year track record of providing outstanding investigative services to the insurance claims industry.

The combination of the two customer centric companies will broaden Frasco’s ability to service clients throughout the country and will create one of the largest investigation firms in America. The acquisition will also add another service line for Frasco in the field of mortgage fraud investigations where Bonnamy has excelled for many years. Frasco and Bonnamy will continue to remain committed to providing outstanding customer service and unparalleled investigation results.

“Both companies are family-owned businesses and well established industry leaders,” said William Bonnamy, President of Bonnamy & Associates. “Our commitment to service and quality will be consistent across every state. We are very fortunate to be able to join forces with them.”

“I have personally met with many of the Bonnamy management team and employees and I am very impressed with their knowledge of the investigation industry and their commitment to excellence,” said John Simmers, CEO of Frasco, Inc. “Our expanded coverage, investigation expertise and mutual pledge to providing outstanding customer service will position us to compete nationally at the highest level.”

About Bonnamy & Associates

Bonnamy & Associates, headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, is an insurance fraud investigation specialist serving insurance market leaders since 1982. Bonnamy fields an effective combination of street investigative resources and an experienced forensic industry team, all arrayed around a seamless information technology backbone. Bonnamy’s value proposition is rooted in the knowledge gained in over 34 years in business and 300,000 cases to date; that has saved their clients tens of millions of dollars by providing fast, direct and often first party accounts of underwriting and claimant reporting irregularities.

About FRASCO, Inc.

Frasco, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is one of the largest insurance investigation companies in the United States. With a long standing reputation for excellence, Frasco is a recognized industry leader due to its best-in-class investigative expertise, state-of-the-art technology, strategic office locations and operational efficiencies. Founded in 1964, Frasco has over five decades of experience in corporate, insurance, fraud, and employment related investigations, including pre-employment screening and drug testing. Frasco operates nationally with strategically placed offices throughout the United States.

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