Insurance Claims Investigations


The investigation of insurance claims has been a core service offering since the beginning. Frasco is one of the largest and most well-respected investigation companies in the US. We provide a full spectrum of insurance claims investigations, have earned an exceptional reputation within the industry, and have built an extensive client base over more than five decades. We credit our success to consistently providing responsive customer service, thorough investigations, and high quality results in a timely and cost effective manner.


There is a questionable claim and require evidence to support or oppose it.

Consult with our investigative experts to select the best service options.

Our investigators collect findings and deliver a comprehensive report.



We work with many of the nation’s largest disability carriers to obtain information regarding alternative employment, physical activities, financial status, concurrent policies, and possible motives.


Workers’ Compensation

As the leader in Workers‘ Compensation investigations, we provide everything you need to evaluate complicated claims including full AOE/COE, employer-level, subrogation, hospital/pharmacy checks, COD Statements, scene investigations, clinic audits, and our full suite of services.



We have long enjoyed an excellent reputation for its expertise in the areas of liability and fraud investigation including auto, premise, homeowners’, product, statements, scene investigations, coverage issues, fraud and SIU.

Curious about how your claim investigation program measures up compared to your industry counterparts?

We are conducting an Industry Benchmark Study on Workers’ Compensation Insurance Claim Investigations. We would love to include your insights! Personal information collected will not be shared. Answers will be consolidated with all responses and aggregated in summary format. By participating, not only will you be contributing valuable data, you will receive a complimentary copy of the report when it’s published in Q4 2021.


Activities Checks

An excellent pre-surveillance tool to establish a Subject’s physical activities, employment status, and the potential for successful surveillance.


Our skilled investigators perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow Subject movement to provide video recordings of the Subject’s public activity.

Unmanned Surveillance

When the presence of an investigator would cause suspicion, remote cameras are optimal. This option is effective when the time and location are appropriate.

Medical Canvasses

Our HIPAA certified investigators identify undisclosed records determining pre-existing conditions, records preceding reported injury, verify alleged injuries reported for workers’ compensation, disability, liability, bodily injury and other litigated claims.

Recorded Statements

Interviews conducted in-person or virtually with claimants, witnesses, and / or employers, to document details of incident, character, environment, sequence of events. Strategically asks questions and provides identifying photos, audio, transcriptions and video.

Alive & Well Checks

Scheduled or impromptu (in-person or virtual) interviews to document Subject’s general health, medical treatment, medications, doctor’s appointments, employment verification, disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, and activities.

Work Checks

Extensive research to establish an employment history that includes address history, employment records, prior workers’ compensation claims, civil records, social media search, professional licenses, business and corporation records.

AOE / COE Investigations

Verify incident happened while performing job function, following safety guidelines and proper use of equipment, and workplace meets OSHA standards; determining if injury is result of negligence. Obtain statements from involved parties.

Subrogation Investigations

When a third party is responsible for the improper handling of a claim, subrogation may be necessary. After a claim is paid, recuperation of funds may be possible. Frasco provides record retrievals, field investigations, interviews, and evidence collection.

Social Media Investigations

Our technology and highly trained media experts mine relevant data across various channels including all popular social networking sites and turn it into actionable information you can use.

Geo-Media Investigations

Also known as Geo-Fencing. We search for relevant social media posts about the incident and identify potential witnesses. We define geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

Record Retrievals

Secure claim-sensitive materials such as medical records, court documents and other agency records. Acquire physical evidence that is often used during trial and for documentation and historical reference.

Background Investigations

Obtain records including professional licenses, criminal court records, DMV search, workers’ compensation claims, bankruptcy, judgment / liens, business ownership, sex offender search, electronic records / media search, and much more.

Asset Searches

Public records including address history, real estate ownership, personal property ownership, civil judgments / liens / bankruptcy, vehicle / boat / aircraft, business ownership affiliations, income indicators, social media / periodicals.

Neighborhood Canvasses

Our local investigators quickly arrive in the geographic area provided, soon after an incident occurs, to find witnesses to interview. We take recorded statements on-site by audio and video. Witness statements are most accurate close to the event.

Scene Investigations

Also known as Accident Investigations. Investigators travel on-site and document conditions of incident scene and recognize all relevant physical evidence to establish what and how it occurred, providing identifying photos and detailed reporting.

Civil Backgrounds

Civil court records are publicly available but require an understanding of the legal system and how information is stored and accessed; a useful source to identify prior physical injuries, sources of stress, employment, sources of income, medical history, and assets.

Criminal Backgrounds

Criminal court records provide valuable information including insight into past, identifies relevant convictions, provides character information, assists in locating Subject’s whereabouts, identifies other sources of injury and other investigative avenues.

Locate Investigations

A custom strategy to obtain and verify records, including address history, vehicle sightings, real property records, business and work records, in-depth social media searches, pretexting, and field work to confirm Subject’s address and contact information.

Vehicle Locators

License plate is tracked as vehicle moves in public. Sightings obtained from traffic, street / highway cameras, as well as patrol vehicles. Results vary depending on the technology available at the sighting location(s), rural and urban. Reports available for last 30 / 60 / 90 days.

Heir Searches

Track down potential heirs and dependents of a subject (usually a decedent) and combining research methods including locate investigations, social media searches, court / birth / death / marriage record retrievals, and various sources to verify identity.


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