In today’s ever-changing economic climate, the insurance industry is under constant scrutiny. Customers are demanding escalating deliverables and stakeholders require a respectable bottom line. All this must be constantly balanced against a solid claims practice, legal compliance, and regulatory filings.

Through this maze of operations, one element tends to remain extremely consistent: suspected fraud and / or abuse within the claims process. Reduce this fraud and abuse and you can meet the demands of both clients and stakeholders. Frasco stands ready to assist you in your efforts by providing world class investigation and SIU services throughout the United States.


  • Filing of all state fraud plans (as required)
  • Filing of all state fraud filings (as required)
  • Filing of all annual state fraud reports (as required)
  • All handling of state fraud prosecution filings
  • All state-mandated fraud training (as required)
  • Full compliance in any state with regard to SIU requirements

SIU Anti-Fraud Program Management

Our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) Anti-Fraud Program Management Services provide a comprehensive programmatic solution to your organization’s SIU anti-fraud regulatory requirements, including:

  • SIU Annual Reports
  • Suspected Fraudulent Claims (SFCs) Reports
  • Department of Insurance (DOI) Fraud Division and District Attorneys Referrals
  • Prosecutorial Development
  • Periodic Claim File Review for Fraud Indicators
  • SIU Anti-Fraud Training


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