Remote Observational Camera Surveillance

ROC stands for Remote Observational Camera. A rock is symbolic for permanence, reliability, and being immovable – these terms are synonymous with this surveillance method. Our cameras are discreet and appear to be a fixture in the natural environment.

We review all the information provided to us along with evidence gathered from our investigations, then make an environmental assessment of the subject’s residence to determine if a remote observational camera will be an effective surveillance tool.

We operate with integrity ensuring that we are legally able to perform the investigation while providing you with the ROI you’re looking for. Recordings are date and time stamped.


It’s ideal when:

The presence of an investigator would cause suspicion

The subject has an established routine

The subject lives in a rural area

The subject works in a setting where a remote camera would go unnoticeable

Replacement services or attendant care log is questionable

Additional evidence is required to support other findings

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Reduces surveillance costs

Develops a surveillance strategy

Helps mitigate overall claims costs

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