A Frasco MICRO (Managed Investigative Claim Review Option) allows immediate action on troubling files where red flags are raised. This service provides an opportunity to adopt private industry best practices to control workers’ compensation costs. This enables you to take initiative in reducing and containing workers’ compensation costs by reducing the number of unentitled employees on the periodic rolls. It also maximizes results possible while staying within the government’s micro-purchase threshold.

Online Surveillance

Use the Government Charge Card for a fixed-price purchase order for a Frasco MICRO and receive an administrative investigation that provides a pre-surveillance social media audit of an employee. Social media and other online sources will be scoured for an employee’s activities that are inconsistent with medical restrictions. The data puts into focus the best days and times for surveillance. Three days of on-site observations and discreet inquiries give an objective view of the claim’s status with video and detailed reporting.

Investigation Report Details Evidence and Observations:

The disability for which compensation was paid has ceased

The disabling condition is no longer causally related to the employment

The employee is only partially disabled

The employee is working

The beneficiary was incarcerated based on any felony conviction

There was a change in status of dependence that results in a reduction of entitled benefits

The Report of Investigation aids the Claims Examiner in determining a course of action. If fraud is indicated, the report provides the Department of Labor with information for assessing the value of a criminal investigation. With malingering claims, objective documentation can assist medical professionals in making better-informed decisions for return to work or light-duty capabilities.

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