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Workers’ Compensation Investigation by Frasco Investigative Services Leads to Arrest for Possession of an Arsenal of Weapons and Over 2 Tons of Ammunition

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LOS ANGELES, CA, August 13, 2013 – Frasco Investigative Services, a national provider of investigative services and SIU compliance to the insurance industry, uncovered information that a City of LA employee was in possession of an arsenal of weapons and body armor.

Frasco was hired by the City of Los Angeles to investigate a workers’ compensation claim. During the course of the investigation, Frasco Investigator Barbara Jones Phillips uncovered evidence that a City employee had stockpiled an arsenal of weapons at his home, was angry with co-workers and had asked one of his co-workers to fabricate an armor plate for his bullet-proof vest. Upon uncovering this information, Ms. Phillips immediately notified City officials. Subsequently the City utilized this information to secure a search warrant of the employee’s residence where numerous weapons were found and confiscated. They also uncovered over four thousand pounds of ammunition stored inside the home. The employee was taken into custody is awaiting criminal proceedings.

The Los Angeles City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich, wrote a letter of commendation to Investigator Phillips expressing his gratitude for her outstanding public service to the citizens of Los Angeles. He wrote, “As City Attorney of Los Angeles, I want to sincerely express my gratitude to Investigator Phillips for stepping forward and reporting this information to my Bureau of Investigation. Ms. Phillips’ correct assessment and immediate reporting very possibly prevented a horrific and tragic incident. Please extend my personal thanks to Ms. Phillips and I congratulate FRASCO for Ms. Barbara Phillips’ strength and professionalism.”

“We are very proud of Barbara for her quick thinking and decisive action that led to this arrest,” said John Simmers, CEO of Frasco, Inc. “She may very well have prevented yet another tragic shooting.”

About Frasco, Inc.

Frasco, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is one of the largest insurance investigation corporations in the United States. With a long standing reputation for excellence, Frasco is a recognized leader in the investigation field. Founded in 1964, Frasco has over four decades of experience in corporate, insurance, fraud, SIU Compliance and employment related investigations, including pre-employment screening and drug testing. Frasco operates nationally with nine strategically placed offices throughout the United States. For more information, visit or contact Jeff Davis at, (877) 372-7261.

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