Our Corporate Profile

In this video, we explain our cause, vision, mission and CORE differentiators. We offer a full suite of investigative solutions, ready to serve you and your organization with actionable information so you can Decide Without Doubt.™

Our Services Explained

Frasco is your enterprise investigative solutions provider, from surveillance to vendor management, we have a full suite of services to help you and your organization make life-changing decisions.

What We Do

Frasco’s executive team explains our investigative services and how our solutions will help you and your organization Decide Without Doubt.™

The Frasco Difference

Frasco’s executive team outlines why Frasco is the top choice for all your private investigate needs. With hundreds of licensed investigators located in 50 states, we are well-equipped to help you Decide Without Doubt.™

Our People

Frasco’s executive team highlights the importance of employing top notch industry talent and the valuable quality of teamwork.

Virtual Investigations

Virtual meetings allow us to remotely document the claimant’s general health, current medical treatment, current medications, the next scheduled doctor’s appointment, verification of employment, disability status, home environment, physical restrictions, hobbies and activities over a period of time. The video calls can be further customized according to client expectations and needs. They include: Alive & Well Checks, Widow Checks and Video Statements.


Surveillance requires skilled investigators to perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow subject movement to provide video recordings of the subject’s public activity. Hours on-site largely impacts desired outcomes. When analyzing Frasco’s surveillance data and industry findings over a period of a decade, we have established that full-days yield more results. With full-day surveillance, you will get the most value out of the investigation and yield the best return-on-investment.


How ROC Surveillance Investigations Work

A rock is symbolic for permanence, reliability, and being immovable – these terms are synonymous with this surveillance method. Our cameras are discrete and appear to be a fixture in the natural environment. First, we make an assessment of the subject’s residence to determine if a remote observational camera will be an effective surveillance tool. It’s ideal when the presence of an investigator would cause suspicion, the subject has an unestablished routine, lives in a rural area, works in a setting where a remote camera would go unnoticeable, and additional evidence is required to support other findings. Recordings are date and time stamped.

How Surveillance Investigations Work

Our skilled private investigators perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow claimant movement to provide video recordings of the subject’s public activity.

How Statements & Interviews Work

We strategically and methodically ask the right questions while recording sessions with claimants and witnesses, providing you with identifying photos, audio, transcriptions and video.

How Medical Canvasses Work

Our investigators are HIPAA trained and certified. They identify undisclosed records to determine pre-existing conditions revealing  medical records preceding the reported injury; may verify alleged injuries reported for workers’ compensation, disability, liability, bodily injury and other litigated claims.

How Social Media Investigations Work

Our technology and highly trained social media experts mine relevant data across various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others, and turn it into actionable information that you can use.

How Workplace Investigations Work

Learn how to conduct legally compliant employee investigations including harassment, discrimination, theft, drug use, violence, safety concerns, FMLA, leaves of absence, and more.

How Background Investigations Work

Tailored to your specific needs, we customize a strategy to obtain and verify records including professional licenses, criminal court records, DMV search, workers’ compensation claims, bankruptcy, judgment / liens, business ownership, sex offender search, electronic records / media search, and much more.