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Internal theft, drug abuse, workplace violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims, and other issues impact not only the company’s bottom line, but morale, productivity, and ultimately your company’s reputation. Fortunately, workplace investigations are legal and discrete. Frasco, Inc. has been assisting employers for over four decades with their workplace investigations.

 Sexual Harassment & Discrimination:

Using an independent third party to investigate these types of claims eliminates the issue of perceived bias. Our experienced investigators know the issues and the laws, they can obtain the facts without the emotional involvement.

  • Witness & Involved Parties Interviews
  • Background Investigations
  • Scene Investigations
  • Covert Surveillance


There is no stronger evidence than good surveillance video. With state-of-the-art equipment and video delivery systems, Frasco® Investigative Services is ready to assist you with your toughest workplace situations.

  • Covert or Overt Surveillance Cameras
  • Rolling Surveillance on Outside Employees Such as Sales, Delivery, Inspectors, etc.

Assistance with Difficult Terminations:

When you are concerned about the potential for violence or retaliation, Frasco Investigative Services can help. We offer around-the-clock surveillance after the termination for as long as necessary to monitor the individual’s activities. We can alert you if the employee returns to the facility or behaves in any other threatening or disturbing manner.

Physical Security Analysis:

How secure is your facility? A complete Safety & Security Analysis will give you a better understanding of your potential for physical property security breaches as well as your potential for workplace accidents and the subsequent liability you would face.

Pre-Employment Background Screening:

Handled by Frasco® Profiles, pre-employment backgrounds can be an extremely effective tool to keep potential problems out of your workforce.


Frasco® Investigative Services provides expert investigative and fraud mitigation services to the insurance and legal industries, as well as to many domestic and international public and private employers. Established in 1964, Frasco brings over five decades of expertise in conducting investigations.


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