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There is no stronger evidence than good surveillance video. With state of the art equipment and video delivery systems, Frasco® Investigative Services is ready to assist you with your toughest cases.

  • Video Delivery by CD, DVD or Direct Video Streaming Via Web Link
  • Multilingual/Multicultural Investigators
  • Over Four Decades of Professional Courtroom Testimony & Film Showings
  • Rush Service at No Extra Charge

Activities Checks:

An excellent pre-surveillance tool, Activities Checks establish an individual’s physical activities, employment status, and the potential for successful surveillance. Used alone or prior to surveillance, Activities Checks are an excellent cost containment tool.

 QER® Services:

This service is a limited Activities Check coupled with a basic background to give you a quick evaluation report of your subject’s employment status, lifestyle, accident history and physical activities. Exclusive only to Frasco Investigative Services.

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