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Backgrounds & Financials

Our background and financial investigations are individually tailored to the demands of each case, thereby providing you with exactly what you need – no more, no less.

Background Investigations:

  • DBA/Professional Licenses
  • Address History/Property Ownership
  • Criminal Court Records
  • WCAB/Workers’ Compensation Claims*
  • Bankruptcy Court Records
  • Judgment/Liens
  • Business Ownership
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Electronic Records/Media Search
  • Social Media and Websites References

Assets & Financial Investigations:

  • Virtually Unlimited Information Sources
  • Cost Effective Methods of Investigations
  • Proven Track Record for Uncovering Assets

* If available in requested state

Trial Services & Litigation Assistance

Frasco, Inc. provides a variety of trial services, including subpoena preparation and service of process, relocations, witness interviews, and answers to interrogatories.

 Service of Process:

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Expert Process Servers


Frasco, Inc. is the place to turn when trying to locate people or businesses. Our Research & Resource Division maintains a variety of sources and databases which enables our professional investigators to remain at the top of their field.

 Answers to Interrogatories:

Our staff is trained to handle all communications with great care to ensure that they remain friendly and cooperative.


Frasco® Investigative Services provides expert investigative and fraud mitigation services to the insurance and legal industries, as well as to many domestic and international public and private employers. Established in 1964, Frasco brings over five decades of expertise in conducting investigations.


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