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Our Technology at Your Fingertips

Frasco Online is a secure, encrypted Web based proprietary program developed by Frasco® to produce higher quality investigation reports at a lower cost and in less time than traditional methods. Frasco Online streamlines the processing of investigations from the point of initial assignment through the retrieval of a final completed investigation report, delivering consistently superior information faster and in a more secure environment.


Frasco’s skilled management team and support personnel manage all cases through our unparalleled technology platform, giving you immediate access to your cases 24/7. We thoroughly research and investigate every aspect of each referral, resulting in comprehensive, factual reports delivered to our clients in a timely and professional manner.

With Frasco’s web based technology platform, clients have complete access to every aspect of the investigation process. Our clients can easily make investigation referrals, retrieve reports, view surveillance video and listen to recorded statements. We make doing business easy!

Program Features:
One web-portal; easy to utilize and convenient. Allows for:

  • All assignments to be submitted
  • All reports to be viewed and cut/pasted into the claims file directly if needed
  • All video/audio to be reviewed
  • All invoices to be reviewed and submitted
  • Management reports for monitoring all vendors quality of work, SLA compliance and total ROI
  • Use of different vendor’s utilization that offers geographical presence/expertise and cost control mechanisms structured for our clients use
  • Convenience of sending the investigation results to a medical provider, Defense Counsel, etc. for further collaboration
  • Full SIU logs and activity for consistent update and compliance progress
  • Totally secure web environment, accessible 24/7 through a user ID and password combination
  • The ability to report nationally, regionally or locally via our client’s parameters. Our reports are formatted to YOUR organization

All Programs are fully customized to meet our clients’ needs!

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