Insurance Claims Investigations


The investigation of insurance claims has been a core service offering since the beginning. Frasco is one of the largest and most well-respected investigation companies in the US. We provide a full spectrum of insurance claims investigations, have earned an exceptional reputation within the industry, and have built an extensive client base over more than five decades. We credit our success to consistently providing responsive customer service, thorough investigations, and high quality results in a timely and cost effective manner.


There is a questionable claim and require evidence to support or oppose it.

Consult with our investigative experts to select the best service options.

Our investigators collect findings and deliver a comprehensive report.



We work with many of the nation’s largest disability carriers to obtain information regarding alternative employment, physical activities, financial status, concurrent policies, and possible motives.


Workers’ Compensation

As the leader in Workers‘ Compensation investigations, we provide everything you need to evaluate complicated claims including full AOE/COE, employer-level, subrogation, hospital/pharmacy checks, COD Statements, scene investigations, clinic audits, and our full suite of services.



We have long enjoyed an excellent reputation for its expertise in the areas of liability and fraud investigation including auto, premise, homeowners’, product, statements, scene investigations, coverage issues, fraud and SIU.


Activities Checks:

Activities Checks are an excellent pre-surveillance tool to establish an individual’s physical activities, employment status, and the potential for successful surveillance. QER® Services is a limited Activities Check coupled with a basic background to give you a quick evaluation report of your subject’s employment status, lifestyle, accident history and physical activities, exclusive only to Frasco.


Our skilled private investigators perform detailed observation, closely monitor, and follow claimant movement to provide video recordings of the subject’s public activity.

Unmanned Surveillance:

When the presence of an investigator would cause suspicion, remote cameras are optimal. This option is effective when the time and location are appropriate.

Locate Investigations:

We utilize a variety of sources and databases that enables us to work with what’s been given and go beyond to find new credible information.

Social Media Investigations:

Our technology and highly trained social media experts mine relevant data across various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others, and turn it into actionable information that you can use.

Geo-Media Investigations:

We search for relevant social media posts about the incident and identify potential witnesses. We have the ability to define geographic areas to filter posts at a specified time frame.

Research & Litigation Support:

Tailored to your specific needs, we customize a strategy to obtain the results needed to uncover useful information with our suite of services.

Background Investigations:

Tailored to your specific needs, we customize a strategy to obtain and verify records including professional licenses, criminal court records, DMV search, workers’ compensation claims, bankruptcy, judgment / liens, business ownership, sex offender search, electronic records / media search, and much more.

Asset Investigations:

Our investigators retrieve public records confirming personal property or real estate held by a person or legal entity.

Pre-Employment Screenings:

We offer employment background screening, drug testing, fitness for duty physicals exams, Form I-9 / E-Verify services, and assessment testing to organizations nationwide.

Interviews & Statements:

We strategically and methodically ask the right questions while recording sessions with claimants and witnesses, providing you with identifying photos, audio, transcriptions and video.

Alive & Well Checks:

In-person or virtual meetings performed on a specified basis to document claimant’s health, medical treatment, next doctor’s visit, verification of employment, disability status, home environment, and physical restrictions.

Medical Canvasses:

Our investigators are HIPAA trained and certified. They identify undisclosed records to determine pre-existing conditions revealing  medical records preceding the reported injury; may verify alleged injuries reported for workers’ compensation, disability, liability, bodily injury and other litigated claims.

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